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It works...

I bought the sample pack without any real expectations (and, in reality, with more scepticism) but the results don't lie. I've used this product twice and I've hit PBs on each occasion. Legs definitely felt fresher at the end of each run too!

PR Lotion Sample

Thanks for the samples. It helps my muscles to feel better after bike rides

First Thoughts

Really impressed with service and Cream. Bison is very poor quality as writing has come off already

Great value at this price!

I have been thinking about buying AMP Lotion for a while but the price put me off.

I’m a firm hobby runner/rider training for a couple of half marathon and a Duathlon. I was looking for something to help with recovery and getting up to speed quicker and this has fine the trick…. Price will however determine what I do when I run out

PR Lotion Bottle
Guy Stapleford

Been using for a week now. Its certainly no miracle cure, it doesn't stop the hurt but it does take the edge off! Thicker applications the better.

The jury's out.....

It's fair to say it PR lotion reduced soreness to my thighs after continuious days riding. However, I used the lotion on whilst on holiday and my holiday rides are nowhere near as strenuous as my regular "home" rides. I would buy the 5 pouch pack for holidays only BUT AMP Human need to address their prices....

Great product

Really shocked how effective this stuff is. Defo use it again


Haven’t tried it yet !

PR Lotion Bottle
Helen Oldridge

It might just be placebo but it seems to do what it says on the tin. Will be buying more!

PR Lotion Bottle
Muriel Haire
Great Product

Just bought this product 2 weeks ago and used it for 5 days of long-endurance cycles with a lot of climbing, PR Lotion definitely worked for me in preventing tired/sore legs from day-to-day hard work. Love this product.

Works well

Tried the sample packs on a couple of 75 mile rides recently and they definitely seem to reduce post ride muscle soreness.

Do believe the hype!

I was very suspicious of the marketing claims. I used it, my ability to produce enhanced power on the bike without associated muscle burn was really noticeable!

Does what it says on the tin

Used it for a 22 mile trail race and my recovery after the race was like nothing I'd experienced before. No muscle ache and could have run the next day. It's magic !

PR Lotion Bottle
Darren M.
seems OK so far.

Haven't used much of this lotion as yet but it seems to do the job. My legs appear to feel better longer into my rides (35km+).

PR Lotion Bottle
Mart Tomson
Seems to work

So far I have been using it only during tough intervals on trainer and races. Over winter I trained using Tacx Neo with TT bike and I developed this constant soreness in my left side trapezius and neck that just didn't go away whatever I did. I started using lotion during all TT training sessions and pain has vanished including tension. Also it's fantastic during VO2 intervals - you can really dig in deep also during hard intervals, racing and training block's last week when you are tired and sore all over. Great stuff!

Good First impression

Initial impressions are good it's easy enough to apply, I seem to be able to maintain a harder effort for longer on my rides and my muscles feel less sore afterwards. Time will tell, when I start ramping up the miles and the effort I'm hoping it's going to be as good if not better the more I use it.

PR Lotion Bottle
Jarod Jarod Garrington
I’m pretty sure this works

It’s has a subtle positive affect. You won’t suddenly think “Wow this stuff is the dogs danglies” but it does work. The bottle could be better to be honest. Instructions are to shake before use but it’s not easy to shake until you’ve used an amount of the cream first. Maybe a softer tube that could be manipulated by hand would be better. It would also allow more of the cream to be used rather than having to cut the bottle open to scrape out the rest. It’s not exactly cheap and I know my riding buddies have said the same. Cut it to get at least one more application out.


Was a bit skeptical at first, but used it a couple of times now and it defo seems to dull the burn if applied about 30 mins in advance. Used it on a Zwift race and definitely felt less leg burn later in the race and was able to ride away from people!

PR Lotion Bottle
Mr. David Rowlett
PR lotion

Have been using the product for a month and started to feel a reduction in muscle soreness. I have found that squeezing the bottle can be difficult as it starts to be used. Perhaps a different design would be better.

So far so good but i have only used for shorter rides as of yet but got some 100km+ rides coming soon so time will tell

Legio Repairio Speedio….

Today was also an opportunity for me to properly test out the PR Lotion. I’d used it on a couple of century rides recently but the jury was still out if I’m honest. I’d applied it liberally before I set out this morning and after about 80 miles in I thought I’d top it up and I got back on the road for the last 50+ miles. There is seriously some kind of Harry Potter sh*! going on in that bottle!? My legs weren’t in ruins at the 80 mile point, but I was starting to “feel” the miles. After applying a fresh dollop onto each leg it was like a power up! I’m completely sold, really made a difference to what was a tough second half of the ride.

Great fun bottle

Looks good and fits in my cycle cage.

A must try

I’ve brought the sachets in a qty of 5 per month. I already thing I’m going to have to purchase a few bottles. I think it works and healing sore or damaged muscle fibres or tendons is sped up. Thanks

Not sure if it makes much difference- I’ll give it a few more goes

Used this twice so far. I’m not sure if it makes that much difference. I’ll give it a couple of more goes and see what happens. Maybe I’m not applying enough. It’s pretty thick stuff and takes some time for it to absorb

Cycling Kit

Like the lotion the water bottle is poor quality and leaked