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Definite Benefit

Still early days, but used during my first 10mile TT and managed to beat my previous PB considerably

Reduces muscle soreness but expensive

This stuff definitely reduces muscle soreness during and after excercise with noticeably reduced to almost no DOMS, however this doesn't necessarily mean you go faster as muscles still fatigue along with the rest of your body its just a bit less painful. The only other drawback for me is the price so not something I would use all the time maybe only for hard sessions.

Amp human

Like using this lotion, just wish it came at a more acceptable price for long term use. Ok if you are pro and don’t have to pay for it ... 🙃🤣

Amp human

Good product. Not as advertised as getting rid of old formula/bottle design


After seeing a lot of reviews on a site I follow I decided to give this a try and I was not disappointed

Starter kit

I have used the PR Lotion on three hard threshold workouts and definitely think my legs felt stronger and recovered better!

Too early to tell.

Good service, bottle arrived quickly and in good condition.
Does it improve my performance..? At the moment I would say that it is too early to tell either way, watch this space...


Im still waiting to recive your product....

Pr lotion

Tried it out before I went on zwift and was great, my legs felt great and was definitely pushing out more watts, well happy

Game Changer

This Amp Human is phenomenally brilliant. I was sceptical before but since using my mind has been opened to a better triathlon future. My recovery has reduced and I can train harder and more often in the week. Excellent product! Keep up the great work

Ears like toast

Great buff, I’ve been wearing it out in zero degrees rides and my head and neck are snuggly.

A Genuine product.

I first heard about this on Lance Armstrongs podcast and I thought id give it ago. For me it works very well in recovery and have noticed a big difference in my legs the next day lactic acid burn has gone. Really rate this product.

Good stuff!

Having read through some reviews about PR lotion I thought I would give it a try. I would agree that the worst bit is applying the stuff and not getting it all over my bib shorts - I’m still a work in progress on that one. It’s early days as to how much difference the lotion will make but to date, I have recorded a PB for a pretty challenging climb (Ven-Top) in Zwift knocking three minutes off my last PB. I actually thought it was slow as I wasn’t going all out! There we go. See how this works out in the future.

I was skeptical till I used for vEveresting

Out of 4 vEveresting riders I was the only one not to experience cramps, don't get me wrong I broke no records or PBs but 16hrs of climbing with no cramp kinda says it all

Great product

Really helps the legs when on a hard ride.

Genuinely sceptical, but ...

.... tried it and am amazed at how good it is. Makes legs feel great. Smells odd and badly shaped container makes it tricky to get it all out, otherwise would have got 5 stars!

PR Lotion Subscription

I'm pretty sure most products are more a placebo effect, but I was surprised at how physically recovered I felt. Post Zwift race, hard run, bike set hitting higher or normal numbers but each session using the PR lotion and I felt my fatigue or heavy legs post race or when I woke up. Can't wait to get my hands on the Vit D+ if its ever available in the UK.

I'm sure it makes a difference!

Have been using Amp Human for a couple of weeks. Applying the lotion before races on Zwift. I've found that I can definitely dig a little deeper during hard efforts with less soreness during and after the workout. Will be interested to see what happens when I start racing on the road later this year. Nice product.

Great product

Well, I'm definitely not complaining, used it for Zwift Racing League and also workouts and I'd say I definitely had more in the legs and less aching. Would buy again

Amp pr lotion

Used for some hard training session and seems to ease Dom’s.

So far so good

Yes noticeable less post workout Dom’s or fatigue

Makes A Difference

I bought this with an open mind but not convinced I would notice anything different. However, I’ve used it for intense Zwift races and/or training sessions and I definitely feel the difference in muscle soreness reduction and muscle fatigue onset is longer into the race or session.

Can’t recommend enough

Bought this starter kit after listening to the Geraint Thomas podcast. Wish I’d known about this a long time ago. Since I’ve started using it I’ve found I’ve been able to push much harder than before. Awesome bit of kit.


I’ve been using this product for about 8 months now was sceptical about it at first but have noticed massive improvement in recovery times I recommend trying this product and judge for yourself it definitely rate it

Not for me

Wasn’t expecting a miracle but unfortunatley did not notice any difference whatsoever. Should’ve just bought one bottle not three!